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Arts Infused Curriculum



Unleash the power of creativity in the classroom with our Arts-Infused Professional Development Workshop! This immersive and interactive session is designed to empower educators with innovative teaching strategies that integrate various art forms into the curriculum. By infusing arts into their lessons, teachers can cultivate a dynamic and engaging learning environment that sparks students' imagination, fosters critical thinking, and enhances overall academic performance.

Workshop Objectives


Participants will explore the concept of arts integration and its transformative potential in education


Participants will explore tools and techniques to nurture students' creativity and self-expression through arts


Teachers will explore how incorporating arts allows students to engage with content in meaningful and holistic way


Participants will learn how to integrate arts across different subject areas, making connections between art and science, literature, history, mathematics, and more


Educators will discover strategies to create a supportive and inclusive classroom culture that celebrates creativity and respects diverse perspective

Workshop Benefits

By participating in this Arts-Infused Professional Development Workshop, educators will gain valuable skills and insights to transform their teaching practices:

  • Cultivate an engaging and interactive learning environment that inspires students' curiosity and enthusiasm.

  • Strengthen critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills through arts-based activities.

  • Boost academic achievement by connecting arts to core subject matter, reinforcing learning outcomes.

  • Nurture students' self-confidence and emotional intelligence through creative expression.

  • Foster a positive and inclusive classroom culture that celebrates diversity and encourages collaboration.

  • Develop dynamic lesson plans that integrate arts seamlessly into the curriculum, promoting holistic learning experiences.

"What a wonderful session! So many great and helpful tips in ways to bring joy and art into the room."

Workshop Participant

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