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What 2024 has Already Taught Me

Photos by Agnes Thornton


We have all seen so many memes and posts about growth and resilience. Most of us can agree that the journey to e"luv"ation is definitely interesting to say the least. Eluvation is my term for the process of loving yourself from outside to the most inner parts of your spiritual core and using that love to unbecome the things that no longer serve you, so that you can rebuild and rise to higher frequencies-- in love, in life, in business, in vibration. Long definition --yes... to describe a long process that involves so many levels of emptying and refilling your cup.

Sometimes when you empty your cup of old false personal agreements, you are left on E ( exhausted , emotionally drained, embittered, or edgy). The task to rebuild, replace, replenish is a great feat. However, we all come here with everything we need to be successful, so there is not doubt that we possess the ability to create the world we desire.

Going into 2024, I knew three things:

  1. The next level of me was still waiting to emerge fully. This eluvated version needed time and space to materialize in full purity and power. Therefore, I was going to take a break from Social Media so that I could focus on pure creation and be unaffected by the harrowing energy of analytics or personal preference comments.

  2. I am a deep giver. Sometimes I push past my boundaries and end up emptying my whole cup for others , leaving nothing (time, money, energy) for myself. In order to find the balance , I needed to continue my hiatus ( as much as I could ) from the world ie. Work enough to pay the bills, Create, Plan/Analyze with my Team, Repeat.

  3. I was going to spend the first six months of this year sitting in the stillness, actions, reflections, and writings dedicated to mastering the 7 spiritual laws of success.


The Back Story to These Plans: When the pandemic arrived, it gave me a chance to be still and examine family, finances, and my future. That examination served me a whole bucket of Truth Tea-- from which I am still sipping. The last four years, I have been swimming in my own sea of reality, floating, frolicking , attempting to swim, and sometimes just blowing bubbles to stay alive. There have been days when I have felt powerful and powerless within the same breath. Because of this, I have spent some days in what I call a creative depression. This space allowed me to still continue my daily walk of being an exceptional artist, educator, visionary, etc. while simultaneously questioning my ability to do those very same things. I learned to walk with my perplexing duality. I picked up emotional and spiritual weight, adding to the want of only being seen when necessary. No matter how I felt, I never sat still for long. The major motivation to continue moving forward, in spite of my personal struggles was--You can't stop here, so you might as well keep going.


2023 was amazing professionally and rocky personally. I learned to wobble my way through, with my hands full, while still carrying the bag of life on my back. On the Kwanzaa day of Imani, when contemplating where my faith lied in the success of my future, my answer was that my self surety lied in the strength of my faith and the Praxis of my work and spirituality.

The Universe tested my words within the first four days of this year, as I faced two new challenges (after overcoming preceeding challenges from September to December--yes the whole four months). In facing these current challenges, it was me against two institutions, who literally were holding the energy of my financial start to 2024 in their judgement and final decisions. It was frustrating and disheartening. I immediately went from understanding why people go into public services and flip out, to suddenly hearing all of calming messages that I had once received from the whispers of elders:

  • You catch more bees with honey than vinegar

  • Don't argue, Don't plan revenge, Be Gentle

  • Dont'worry about money ( the biggest challenge)

These messages came to me through my dreams, through cooling my spirit by taking deep breaths, and through even humming spiritual songs while I waited to talk to bank managers. In being obedient, this hot headed Taurus from New York became a cool , calm breeze who was victorious by using the melodic weapon of peace.

With this four day preview of 2024, all of my objectives were now finally clear. In addition to limiting distractions, creating in pure energy, aligning my physical and spiritual paths, I now needed to intentionally add what I call the honey principle -- best elaborated by the voice of the cultural ancestors before of us

1. "A cool head and a warm heart open doors everywhere." - Nigerian Proverb

2. "Cool-headedness is the key that unlocks many doors of wisdom." - Ghanaian Proverb

3. "The river remains calmest at its deepest; so does a cool head in times of trouble." - Ethiopian Proverb

4. "A cool head in the storm ensures a safe harbor." - Kenyan Proverb

5. "A calm mind is a shield against the arrows of adversity." - Senegalese Proverb

6. "In the heat of the moment, the cool-headed find the way." - South African Proverb

7. "Patience is the best remedy for a hot temper." - Malawian Proverb

8. "A cool head turns an obstacle into a stepping stone." - Sudanese Proverb

9. "He who keeps a cool head prevails in the face of chaos." - Zimbabwean Proverb

10. "A wise person remains calm, even when the waters are turbulent." - Tanzanian Proverb

Lesson to be Applied: As we face any obstacles this year, let's do so with the goal of maintaining our peace. That is true sweet spot of growth and resilience.

In Closing ...

There are still so many hills to climb to reach the peak in this journey of rediscovery. I am more optimistic now than ever before. Thank you 2024 for coming out the gate with the Get Right!!!! I look forward to sharing this journey through my new moon blogs with videos and songs of inspiration and encouragement. If you know if anyone who is on the same journey and needs a spiritual kick every once in a while, please share. This is our year to build and destroy. May we all continue to move abundantly in the energy of eluvation.

Thank you to my beautiful Agnes Thornton ( a former student of mine) for this amazing photo shoot. It brought me so much joy at the end of 2023 . Also special thanks to my wonderful daughter, Ifafunmike, for being my onsite, behind the scenes memory catcher.

The young people in my life constantly remind me that life is a beautiful cycle of reciprocity.

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