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Re-Storying Education



 In this innovative and transformative professional development session, educators will embark on a journey to redefine English Language Arts (ELA) education, shifting from a traditional linear approach to a circular viewpoint that values student voice, cultural relevance, and the art of storytelling. This session aims to equip teachers with effective strategies to teach ELA objectives by incorporating diverse perspectives, culturally relevant literature, and the power of storytelling, fostering a dynamic and inclusive learning environment for all students.

Workshop Objectives


Participants will explore the concept of circular education, where the traditional linear progression is replaced with a more holistic approach


Participants will discover techniques to encourage active participation, collaborative discussions, and creative expression, allowing students to become co-creators of their learning journey.


Participants will explore the impact of storytelling in the ELA curriculum, fostering students' imagination, empathy, and critical thinking skills.


Participants will discover ways to incorporate culturally relevant texts that reflect the diversity of their students' backgrounds and experiences


Participants will learn how to encourage students to view ELA topics from various perspectives, creating a more inclusive and enriching learning environment


Participants will engage in hands-on activities and discussions to apply the concepts learned during the session

Workshop Benefits

By participating in this professional development session, educators will gain valuable insights and skills to enhance their ELA teaching practices:


  • Redefine ELA education to promote inclusivity, cultural awareness, and student engagement.

  • Foster a sense of belonging and empowerment by incorporating student voice in the learning process.

  • Cultivate critical thinking, creativity, and emotional intelligence through the art of storytelling.

  • Encourage a deeper understanding of diverse cultures and experiences through culturally relevant literature.

  • Promote empathy, respect, and open-mindedness by exploring various perspectives in ELA lessons.Create a dynamic and enriching learning environment that inspires a love for reading and writing.

"You are like a breath of fresh air "

Workshop Participant

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