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With over 20 years of experience in arts, culture, and education, Kemi is an expert leader in program and staff development, cultural arts workshops, and uplifting, healing practices. 


She brings passion into any learning environment using her expertise in arts education and culturally relevant pedagogy. Whether in-person or virtual, in the classroom, communal space or in a private sacred space, her energy is unmatched. Kemi brings a fresh perspective and cultural wisdom to every session. 

Yeye's Academy is an Afro-Literacy service that offers arts infused and culturally relevant curriculum development and materials. Yeye's Academy includes storytelling events, a live podcast, and educational consultations.

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Shop our Signature Yemoja's Gifts Collection to adorn your spiritual and physical self with the tools you need to live a life of eluvation.

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Eluvation, LLC is a collaboration of Kemi's family to provide products and services to cultivate a space - virtually or physically, where people can create their own “medicine bags” of cultural tools that can be used in everyday life. Our goal is to provide the things that allow people to love on themselves in so many ways that they have no choice but to elevate. 

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Arts & Education

Holistic & Spiritual Workshops

Professional Development

Arts Infused Instruction & Training

Culturally Relevant Pedagogy 

Home School Lesson Planning

Yeye's Academy Education Station and Curriculum Materials 

Detox & Wellness Consulting

Holistic Eluvation Products

Medicine Bag Workshops

Speaking Engagements

Edupreneur Consultations

Curriculum Development

Courses & Program Development

New Teacher Mentoring 

"The children are enjoying the body movements, learning new languages and being involved"

- Ms. B, Petersburg, Virginia Public Schools Teacher

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"I love the earrings, Sis! Research and style, Issa whole vibe!" - Green Dot 4th Annual Legacy Conference Participant 

"Kemi helps people become the best version of themselves."

- Quaocha Woody, Holistic Wellness Coach


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