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Daytime Rhythms

Whispers of Wisdom Blog :

Fall Season Series

Are you in sync with the energy of the day?

As the days get shorter and there is less sunlight, we may begin to feel less motivated and even a little drained. Additionally, some of us may feel a little disconnected from our "9-5s"and may have our minds set more on developing our personal passions. Whatever we are feeling, it is important to not only honor those feelings but to also balance those feelings by taking care of our personal space.

According to ancient wisdom, the flow of the day should go as follows:

  • From midnight to the early hours of the day, is the time for deep quiet, meditation, reflection, dreams ( the time when we receive messages from our ancestors and our heavenly mates).

  • At dawn, we should be waking up refreshed and ready for the day. This is the time of empowering morning rituals and/or connecting with nature.

  • Midday, we should be fully invested into the purpose, goals, and objectives for the day.

  • Late afternoon, we should be engaging in the last of our activities. We should be entering the period of reflecting on our day and seeking nurturing/rebalancing for ourselves.

  • At sunset and into the night time, we should be getting ready to settle down.

Following the rhythms of the day, as often as possible, will enable us to have a natural energized flow within us. As we move into having more control over our day and finding sacred time, we should always keep this daily flow in mind.

Reflection Questions

How many days can you commit to flowing with the natural current of the day? Are you journaling your dreams? Are you connecting to those messages? What are the daily morning rituals that empower you? What are you doing to connect with nature each day?

Photo By Calvin Lupiya

Oil of the week: Peaceful Vibez

(Excerpt from Peaceful Vibez Info sheet)

When we use our talents and strengths honorably, we will always have or find support. During our journeys, there will be things that happen that may seem like a setback. These incidents must be viewed as life’s lessons. We must honor the wisdom in these lessons and use that wisdom to find our peace. We must embrace any mistakes and use them as a tool for growth. When there are storms around us, we must pull from our own internal energy (solar plexus chakra) in order to provide our own sunshine. We must always learn to flow like water—around, over, and sometimes through obstacles. We must always remain our divine selves—no matter the circumstance. When we are plugged into our divine paths, we don’t sweat the small stuff because the Universe has our backs.

All of this is the essence of our Peaceful Vibez oil blend.

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Final thought for the week :

"Our goal 24-7 is to walk with a peaceful vibe so that we can be ready to receive our blessings and be open to an abundance of opportunities." ~Yemoja Kemi Abifarin


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Enjoy the rest of week!!!

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