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Peace, Perserverance, Awareness: Staying the Course!!!

Whispers of Wisdom Blog :

Spring Season Series Final Post

"Peace, Perserverance, Awareness"

This month's newsletter was all about peace, perseverance, and awareness. It is important that we are constantly aware of the things that we need and the things that we don't need. There is a shift coming. There has been a shift coming. As the world begins to open up, we must not forget the grounding rituals that we have created for ourselves. In the last few days, with earthquakes, volcano eruptions, and unsteady weather patterns, Mother Earth is sending us a reminder that we must not get caught up in the excitement of the freedom of movement and forget the ritualistic promises we made to our bodies, minds, and spirit.

Just like illnesses in our bodies signal a spiritual or grounding ritual that is needed for us as human beings, it also does this for the Earth. There is still much work to be done. Therefore, when we are moving about, we must be in tune with the universal energies around us. We must recognize when the signals are pointing out messages for us to move and when they are signaling for us to be still. We have to be our own GPS unit so that our various destinations always end up in peaceful pastures. We must remind ourselves to not get caught up in the hype of anyone else's journey but our own. We must constantly set our course to peace, perseverance, and awareness. It is important to stay the course always.


Internal Rhythms

In order to master our awareness, we must understand the science of rhythm. In many traditional societies, the drum is a perfect example of connecting awareness to our internal rhythm. The first rhythm we ever hear is the rhythmic pattern of our mother's heartbeat. From that point on, the drum becomes a connection that links the internal feeling to the external expression, keeping us in sync with the universal energy of the Earth. It is through the drum rhythm that we are able to "travel" to other spaces as we move in harmony with the drum beat. Hopefully, most of us have had that moment when we have either rocked our body or moved our feet to live or recorded music and everything in that moment just felt so right. This is the beauty of what happens when our internal rhythms are in sync with our external motions. This is the feeling of life that we have when we are moving according to our spirit and not according to a foreign agenda. This is the feeling of life when we are not caught up in hustle mode.

Are you prepared to resist the hustle mode syndrome that can easily take us off our centering foundation? Ask yourself and answer the following questions below.

1. Do you know the difference between when you are in hustle mode and when you are following the internal rhythm cycle?

2. Have you prepared your internal rhythm starter pack? Is it on standby for when you need to re-energize your spirit?

3. Do you practice the art of the Five senses of Eluvation?

Throughout this season of enticement, we must stay grounded. We must not forget the things that are the most important. Are you ready for the test of life that will be thrown to you in the upcoming months? How will you respond? Prepare now. Schedule accordingly. There is a symmetrical realm that exists between our physical and our spiritual presence. We can not serve one part of ourself without feeding the other. Doing so, disrupts our internal rhythm, causing us to miss out on awaiting blessings.

Peace. Perserverance. Awareness. Stay the course. Our abundance basket depends on it.


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