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Ten Steps to Ase !!!! Empowerment of the Spirit

Whispers of Wisdom Blog :

Winter Season Series

"Ten Steps to Ase"

The Ten Steps to Ase is a course/book/principle based on a system of growth, development, and empowerment. The idea of this personal growth chart is based on the Oyotunji Village's adaptation of the Tree of Life. The steps used in the course incorporate an introduction/deeper exploration into the spiritual energies that guide each level of our progression in life and includes activities that will help to explore each stage in details. The steps, once understood, can be used repeatedly--- every time someone starts a new phase in life or feels like they have elevated from a current stage. This process is a beautiful gift given to us by our ancestors which I hope to share with as many as possible.

For a simpler version of the class, I have included a self guided worksheet here. I will also be exploring some of the concepts found in course through this year's blogs, newsletters, and Eluvation in Motion classes.

In our last blog, we talked about what it is that you may want. This blog, we will discuss birthing the things that we want.


Birthing What You Want.

For those who have ever carried child or been with someone carrying a child, we realized that conceiving was only the beginning of the journey to giving birth.

In the months between conceiving and delivery, we have to choose a doctor, take the proper nutrients, be extra careful with our movement, get the proper rest, and prepare for our growing bodies and families. For the first few months, it may seem like the journey is unreal because our bodies look the same. For some months, we may not feel as well as we would like. Other months we may second guess our ability to become a parent. We may become self conscious because we may not be used to the change in our bodies--in our lives, etc. We may feel isolated because we don't have the support that we feel we need.

These are all natural feelings when we are pregnant. These are also all natural feelings whether were are doing a death and rebirth with certain aspects of our life; whether we are writing a book; starting a business; or working to strengthen a relationship. Whether we are trying to re-collect ourselves after the death of a loved one or are working to put ourselves in a better place, nothing worth having happens overnight, nor is it always a smooth journey. In the moments, when we feel discouraged, we must ask ourselves:

--What proper "nutrients" are we giving ourselves to get past this moment? How are we refueling our spirit?

--What "doctor" have we chosen to help with this journey? A Spiritual Guide? An accountability partner? A mentor?

--How have you changed your movement? Have you upgraded your circle to include people who will help you achieve your goals? Have you pulled back on activities that are not contributing to your new goals?

--Are you allowing enough time to rest your body? rest your mind? rest your spirit? The most important part of all of our journeys is to not lose our internal rhythm. That can easily happen when we aren't resting ourselves properly. Losing our rhythm opens the door for oversight, mistakes, and missed opportunities.

--Lastly, what are you doing to take care of you growing "body". When I had my son, my feet grew an extra 1/2 inch. I could no longer wear my old shoes. As cute as they were, I had to give them all away. Are you holding on to things out of fear, emotions, scarcity? Are you willing to let go of the things that have served it's purpose, so tha you can walk into/receive the next level of blessings?

All of these factors play a significant factor in the nurturing of our "babies".


Our Culture is Our Medicine

As we nuture the baby that we conceived for 2021, we must remember that there are so many tools around us that will help us during this gestational period.

We must remember that what we do every day contributes to the healthy birth of our baby--even if we are still in the stages of waiting for the first question to be answered of "what is that you want?".

What we do, say, think, speak, and eat all contribute to what we will manifest this year. Our culture--which is our words, ways, and actions ( if they are healthy) will support us and guide us in the direction that we need to go.

So in this next month, with a lot of activity still beneath the surface, manifest purposefully, live righteously, love abundantly.

We would love to hear what new things you are manifesting in your life. Join us on our pages on Facebook and Instagram. Share your journey with us by copying and pasting the following hashtag: #wordsofwisdom@yemojasgifts


Oil of the week: Eluvation

(Excerpt from Info sheet)

When we come into this world, most of us have all the tools that we need to accomplish our goals. Through living and developing in the energy of post- traumatic stress; cycles of family trauma; inherent societal oppression; imbalanced relationships; and lack of culture being the foundation for our personal and/or national government, we forget our personal power and spend our energy carrying around ideals that are crippling to our spirit. In order to get to the purity of our soul and the potential of our growth, we must release everything that does not serve us. In order to eluvate, we have to drop the dead weight so that we can rise. ~Kemi Abifarin

Click on the link to get your body of Eluvation today.

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