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Flowing into the Fall Season

Whispers of Wisdom:

Flowing into the Fall Season

Welcome to the Metallic season of the Fall

According to tradition, everything in life has a rhythm. This includes what we eat and when we eat it; how we decorate our homes and our offices; and when we engage in certain activities. The Fall season is a time when everything is supposed to come together and reach completion. This is the time when those seeds that we planted over the summer are ready for harvest. This time is about intuition and clarity. It is about trusting our decisions and completing cycles.

Our lives exist in cycles. Understanding these cycles allows us to maintain harmony even when there is chaos around us. The next 11 weeks will be about how we can flow with the Fall season and exist within these universal cycles. We must remember that our level of awareness affects our understanding and navigation of our pool of infinite possibilities.

What will you be harvesting this Fall??? What are those projects that you desire to complete?? What will you do to broaden your level of awareness??

Oil of the week: Inspiration

According to Deepak Chopra, motivation involves the mind while inspiration involves the spirit. In order to experience those spaces of inspiration we often need to:

--Throw out our box of old ideas

--Create a space for our intended vision

-- Gather and analyze our collected information/stories

--Discard what we don’t need

-- Break useless agreements

--Sit in stillness

-- Go through the mental cycle of death and resurrection.

After those moments, we then begin to enter a space of inspiration. Attention and intention is what allows us to fully tap into our creative energy.

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Final thought for the week :

"No matter how far-fetched or supernatural it may seem, we must confidently speak those things into our life that we need and that we want to accomplish. We must also follow those words with faithful actions." ~Kemi Abifarin


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Enjoy the rest of week!!!

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