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The Law of Pure Potentiality

Each time a new moon comes, I take the time to sit in stillness, reflect, and listen.

When we are deeply rooted in our divine energy, the busy-ness around us can seem chaotic, confusing, and even nonsensical. To protect our space, we must do everything we can to make sure that our spirits are not absorbing and holding on to incompatible energy. The new moon time is a great time to usher refreshing ideas, thoughts, affirmations, etc. into our lives so that we can replenish and revitalize our spirit. This year I decided to use the tools of the spiritual laws of success to aid my journey of newness.

Spiritual or universal laws have existed and continue to exist in every tradition. These laws are the principles or guidelines that are believed to govern the spiritual aspects of human existence. These laws are rooted in religious /philosophical traditions and are considered to have a profound impact spiritual growth and well-being. Different belief systems have their own set of spiritual laws. The number of laws may even range from as little as 7 to 105. Nonetheless, there are basic laws that are shared across the world , for the collective understanding of the true measures of success.

The Law of Pure Potentiality

When you discover your essential nature and know who you really are, that knowing itself is the ability to fulfilll any dream you have. ~Deepak Chopra

The law of Pure Potentiality is about tapping into our authenticity. Despite what the market says, what our degree says, what our professor and sometimes even our family and friends say, our wealth and health is going to come from doing what we love, what we are excited about, what ignites our spirit, and what leaves us fulfilled. The true fate of our success comes down to simply knowing , embracing , and eluvating ourselves.

In October, I accepted an award for Support Artist of the Year--dedicated to the teaching artist who delivers exceptional experiences to support the classroom teacher. When I got up to give my speech, I accepted the award on behalf of my eight year old self. At that early age, I was writing plays, choreographing dances, and "playing" school with my younger brother and cousin. Those were the things that energized my spirit and I did those things--without any guidance, any templates, or any degrees.

As I got older, I decided that I wanted to be a lawyer, then work in corporate, and then in various other roles of leadership. I did a great job and was offered many positions,up various ladders. None of those ladders excited my spirit. What I eventually learned was that

  • It is impossible to receive true blessings, if you are wishing on someone else's star.

  • The brightest light that anyone can attempt to shine on you will always be dimmer than the light you create for yourself.

My purest potential existed in the light that I brought with me into this existence, not in ones that society deemed appropriate for my fit. At the age of 40, I finally returned to my eight year old self and have now accepted a career doing all the things that my younger self loved to do --except now I know what it's called - Arts, Culture, Education specialist.

The law of pure potentiality was rooted in us when we were young, uninihibited, unafraid, and unlimited. We didn't chase outlines, approvals, feedback, nor the perfect image. We chased what our inner knowing craved. We created from nothing ,laughed, danced to our own beat, and walked in our own faith. Somewhere, in growing up, we were socialized out of our heart's desire and into the confines of societal expectations--only to enter a cycle of highs and lows that ever so often have us questioning our decisions, our talents---this whole journey of adulting.

Often times when we find ourselves on a journey of unfulfillment and or confusion , it is because we have disrupted the energy of our pure potential. We have strayed away from the path that makes us vibrate on a higher level. As always in the journey of eluvation, we can always look to tradition to guide us back.

Native American tradition philosophy tell us that we must return to our child like self when things feel stagnant. We must balance work with play, reverence with irreverence. We must move, dance, laugh--rediscover our joy. We must also sit still with our goals to make sure the voice behind the goals are our own. We must make sure that there is no voice negating our probability of success. We must tap into our inner strength to oppose that negative voice and find the strength to walk our own path. We must acknowledge and work with the sides of ourself that is barring healthy relationships with self love, money, success, positive thinking. We must acknowledge any barriers, work through any hurts, find acceptance, find peace, grieve, let go...repeat. We have to get rid of the energy that is not serving us so that we can make space for the energy of pure potential. We get to rewrite our story. We get to decide who we are and who we want to be. Once we begin to put the energy of our desires out, the universe will reciprocate. Our talents will create our fertilty.

In the traditional West Afrikan culture of Ifa, Ajé (wealth) comes to those who are using their gifts to navigate their path. However, wealth also only stays with those who are prepared for it and who have good character. Part of having good character involves being true to who you are and living in that truth. Other characteristics of good character include:

  1. Aṣiwájú (Leadership)

  2. Èsin (Faith and Practice)

  3. Inúrere (Care/Good mind to Others)

  4. Ìkónimọ́ra (Diversity/Warm Attitude to Others)

  5. Ìjìnlẹ̀ Ẹkọ́ (Academic Excellence)

  6. Ẹ̀tọ́-Òrìṣà (Justice) 

  7. Òtító-(Truthfulness)

  8. Òdodo (Honesty)

  9. Òye (Understanding)

  10. Ọgbọ́n (Wisdom)

  11. Ìgbójú (Courage)

  12. Iṣẹ́ (Work)

  13. Ẹni Rere ( Building Healthy Relationships)

  14. Aṣùwàdà Ènìyàn (Collectivism/Community)

Simply put, our limitless potential lies in our ability to be the best that we can be - individually, collectively, spiritually, mentally, and physically.

In my metaphysics of marketing class, we talk about how the word asset (valuable thing, quality , or person) comes from the ancient Kemetic energy of Aset ( magic, healing, nature) . Our magic is our gifts. Our energy is our currency. In order to tap into our pure potentiality, we must use our magic.

Tapping into our pure potential may require breaking some ideological agreements about life, about love, about careers, about success, and/or about money. Oftentimes we are limited by the images that society gives to us. We have to realign ourselves so that we can be still and listen to what our "eight year old selves" has to remind us about our magic and the ability to write our success story-- in our own voice. We spend a lifetime of becoming (because that we are told to do), when sometimes, we need to spend the same time unbecoming . We need to unbecome those things that do not serve us, those things that are sometimes linked to generational traumas, those things that are standing in the way of our pure potential. If we are to eluvate, we must embrace the fact that life is a process is birth , death, and rebirth. The process may not be simple and easy, but it is worth it.

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