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Give to Get : Energy of Reciprocity

There are so many suggestions for how we can reach success in this lifetime. One of the most powerful ways that we can move through life with ease is to first understand the difference between money and wealth. Money is simply the physical/digital energy that often transfers to us from an employer or contractor and then transfers from us to pay a bill, to buy necessities, or if we are lucky --to put a portion into our savings. It is literally the follow-up to an agreement that we made in exchange of our energy. Wealth is connected to our value, our ability to have and maintain what we need, our children, our possessions, and our life quality. Having that focus changes our mindset about our daily goals. If we have a job that pays six figures but have no time with family or no time to enjoy life, can we really say that we are wealthy? Is our sole purpose just to work and amass titles? Is that the agreement we made when we came to this world? Rather than counting the money that lands in our pockets, it may be better to focus on the reciprocal energy that we give and receive in our daily lives --which brings us to the spiritual law of giving.

The governmental system, under which we live, operates within the energy of capitalistic scarcity. Our society's main focus is on private profits being backed by the energy of how an individual can amass more money while spending very little--including figuring ways to barely pay the very people who give their blood, sweat, and tears to make the company run. This deeply planted seed of scarcity has existed since the beginning of the history of this current nation. When the Native Americans encountered the Pilgrims, they tried to teach them about the field of plenty --which explained how prayers of gratitude were not given because you were grateful to have something instead of nothing; they were offered because there was a belief that there would always be an abundance of anything that we needed. "Thanksgiving" was not a one day celebration, but a way of life. In fact, the understanding in many traditional cultures is that there is always enough for everyone when abundance is shared and gratitude is offered. The overall thought is that every need in our world can be meet when these two energies co-exist. Of course what the Native Americans tried to teach the Pilgrims was lost in translation and through the continued colonization of the field of plenty, this land was blanketed with the fruits of capitalistic scarcity and a country of private businesses who now function under the governance of a nation that is trillion dollars of debt.

To move from the scarcity to abundance mindset, we must embrace the law of giving and receiving. According to my meditation man, Deepak Chopra, the law is very simple- if we understand that the universe operates on the flow of energy that works on the principle of exchange. When we give what we seek, we step into abundance. If we want more love, then that is what we must give. If we want more wealth, then that is what me must give. Giving is not always tangible. When I am working or just out lesisurely, I make it my business to give as many compliments to others--not because I necessarily want compliments but because I go through life living under two of the following principles:

"I give, not because I have too much, but because I know what it is like to not have at all."

"When feeling disempowered, empower others. "

To activate the law of giving and receiving, whenever you see someone, be prepared to give them a gift-- a compliment, a well wish/prayer, etc. In return, be ready to receive gifts for yourself, for which you can show your gratitude. The gratitude can be for gifts as small as appreciating the feeling of warm sunlight, a moment to breathe, received words of encouragement. By giving and receiving in this small manner. we not only change of perception of our status, we open the portal and the universal exchange for bigger things.

To change our mindset from scarcity to abundance (so that we can give freely), it is important to walk with faith and trust. We must have faith that we can overcome any lack in our life by using the law of giving and receiving. We must also trust that we will have what we need when we need it and that sharing with others will only amplify that field of plenty.

Afterall, as the proverb says "When you row a person across the river, you get there yourself. "

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