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Happy New Year!!! Welcome to 2021 and the Honoring of the Energy of Water

Whispers of Wisdom Blog :

Winter Season Series

Winter and Water

During this time when there is still reduced sunlight, we may be feeling a little sluggish and/or a little resistant to the every day demands of a 9-5 job. Our bodies are wanting to rest more because we are producing more melatonin. If we do feel like being up and about, we may be wanting to be more in control of our own movement as opposed to being committed to someone else's timeline. For me, this is the time when my planning and creativity is at its high and my desire to be interactive is at its low. Just like water, our energy is experiencing an ebb and flow.

According to the Fengshui philosphy, winter is the time when activity is beneath the surface-- the time when deep inside things are waiting to blossom. It is during this time that we should be engaging in nurturing activities for our life's purpose--just like a mother nurtures her baby in her womb.This is why water is the element associated with winter. During this time, is it important to be exploring and asking ourselves "What do I want?".

What do you want?

In my personal development book, "Ten Steps to Ase", we explore the building of an empire by creating the most solid and wholistic foundation. The first question asked in the development process is "What is that you want"? Sometimes it is necessary to ask the question now and then let the universe guide you to your answer later. In a new year, whether you make resolutions or not, we can all agree that there is new energy that is being felt. During this time, many of us are reflecting on what we have and are evaluating what other parts are needed to help to us grow. If you are considering acquiring what you don't have , it is necessary to also examine why you feel that you want certain things and also what function obtaining those things will have for you. By exploring these secondary questions, you are making sure that only the most fertile seeds are going to be planted during this winter time. You will also be making sure that you are preparing yourself for a purposeful spring time bloom.

Leaving 2020 and going into 2021 :

Regardless of where you have been in 2020 and regardless of where life will take you in 2021, it is important to remember that in the ebbs and flows of life, we must always remember to flow like water. When things are out of our control, we must do our best to flow over, under, around , and sometimes through all of our obstacles.

We must use the lessons of 2020 to take us into the victories of 2021. This winter session is all about flowing with the cycles of life, tapping into our dreams and inner-gy, trusting oneself, doing what you love, planting seeds for blossom, and preparing new ideas for birth. I hope that you all will enjoy the winter series. I am excited to see where we will end up when it is time sit back and watch all of our blooms. I can't wait to take this journey together. I hope that you all will keep me updated about your progress.

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Oil of the week: Eluvation

(Excerpt from Info sheet)

When we come into this world, most of us have all the tools that we need to accomplish our goals. Through living and developing in the energy of post- traumatic stress; cycles of family trauma; inherent societal oppression; imbalanced relationships; and lack of culture being the foundation for our personal and/or national government, we forget our personal power and spend our energy carrying around ideals that are crippling to our spirit. In order to get to the purity of our soul and the potential of our growth, we must release everything that does not serve us. In order to eluvate, we have to drop the dead weight so that we can rise. ~Kemi Abifarin

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