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Manifesting Completion

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Fall Season Series

Photo by Diana Simumpande

The Harvest Season

When the pandemic begin, my husband started a garden. What I thought was going to be just a few plants, turned into personal family paradise and a multi -generational plan of abundance and self sufficiency. From April to May, I watched him build this "mini farm". From June and beyond, I begin to work with him to nurture these plants that we eventually were able to use for business products, teas, and general well being. For the last few months, I have been going into this garden for, at least, two hours every single morning. It has become a part of my daily routine and an important morning ritual. This morning ritual has been so recharging to my spirit. I have learned so many lessons from being out in nature every day. I have wrapped all of these unforgettable lessons into four encapsulating categories that have become what I call my garden p.o.r.n. - a sensual collection of life's little lessons. Today, we will look at lesson #1.

P- Perseverance

This season of planting was filled with hard labor, dud seeds, unpredictable weather patterns, and tedious, manual labor. To get the plants the best water and nurture supply, we were going to the creek every single morning, carrying 30+ gallons of water up a wooden ladder that my husband built and transporting the gallons with the lawn mower that he make shifted into a tiny tractor. The result: plants and crops that others thought wouldn't bloom or become so plentiful because we started planting so late in the season.

Photo by Guilherme Stecanella

Life lesson: The things that are worth having are the things that are worth fighting /struggling for. If we are truly committed to our passion, then we need to stay focused, work hard, and continue to push-- no matter what obstacles come our way. If we are aligned in our paths, there will be a plentiful harvest for us to reap at some point in the season. The struggles in our journey is what prepares us for the double blessings in the future. Most of us have heard the saying that there is no testimony without the test. How many times have our lessons been a blessing to someone else?

Every opportunity that we experience in our life is a chance for the spirit to deepen. Every issue that we face is either going to be a lesson or a blessing. Every decision that we make is an opportunity to flex our growth. Life is a test. In order to be a high scorer, we have to stand back from our emotional attachments to situations and become the critical thinkers that we were born to be. That is how kingdoms were built. That is how great rulers became true historical exemplars. That is how legacies are made.

Is there something that you passionately started this year but you put to the side for whatever reason ---fear? lack of resources? a few obstacles? If you had a way to get around those reasons, would you be able to see, hear, taste, feel, or smell what your final project would be like? This is the time to pull from the energy and lessons of the earth in order to regather your energy and purpose. There is still time left to bring that project to some sort of fruition. This is the season to do your final harvesting. There is still time to manifest that completion.

Reflection Questions

What is your mantra for overcoming obstacles in your life? How do you respond in the face of adversity? When something is a blessing, how do you celebrate? Do you question why you were given such a blessing? If something does not appear to be a blessing, how do you make sure that you get what you need from that lesson so that life does not have to give you a repeat taste?

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Oil of the week: Inspiration

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According to Deepak Chopra, motivation involves the mind while inspiration involves the spirit. In order to experience those spaces of inspiration we often need to: throw out our box of old ideas; create a space for our intended vision; gather and analyze our collected information/stories; discard what we don’t need; break useless agreements; sit in stillness; and go through the mental cycle of death and resurrection. After those moments, we then begin to enter a space of inspiration. Attention and intention is what allows us to fully tap into our creative energy.

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