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Manifesting Completion: Part 2

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Fall Season Series

Photo by Oladimeji Odunsi

In stillness you will find your true self

This week we will continue with our garden porn--the sensual lessons that we can learn from being in nature and working in a garden. Last week, we explored P-perseverance. This week, we will talk with about O- observation.

O- observation

Connecting/Reconnecting to the garden can be compared to rediscovering a part of ourselves that we sent away to live with a distant relative. Each morning, during the dry days of the season, I spent an hour in the garden watering each plant. I thought I was doing a great job connecting to the energy of each plant and becoming reunited with nature. It wasn't until my husband started to come behind me and say " Did you see the new buds?"; " Did you notice the leaves turning a certain color? ; "Did you see how the plants are responding to the new soil mix?". It was in the garden that I realized that there was a difference between seeing and looking. That difference, although slightly subtle, is the key to a lot of missing links (blessings and lessons) that we often overlook in life--causing us to run in around in circles instead of moving forward in certain paths.

Kemi Abifarin

Life lesson:

The difference between looking and seeing is: Looking involves you physically having your eyes on an object/ situation.

Seeing involves looking deeper and having ,not only eyesight, but also insight on that object/situation.

We have become so accustomed to looking at situations and writing it off as that is just how life is. In reality, everything that we see/experience in the physical world is a direct relationship to something going in our spiritual essence. If there is a blockage of any kind with our money, our marriage, our careers, our projects, it is because there is a blockage within our life cycle energy flow some where. There may be a blockage that exists in our life due to our health condition, our personal mindset/beliefs, our crowd of associates, or we may not be on our divine path.

When things are not flowing the way we imagined, we have to learn to stop, look, and see the messages that the universe is trying to give us. Life is not a mystery, it is an ancient science. To understand the proper methods that we need to use, we have to be still, move slow, observe, and listen to our intuition.

In stillness we find our true selves. Once we become the observers , rather than the actors, then we can better see how to move and manifest the things that we want in our life.

Just as a baby kicks to give your inner womb messages, so does that gut feeling or intuition--- when we sit still long enough to receive and reflect.

Reflection Questions

Is there something in your life that is not flowing the way you would like for it to flow? Have you stood back to examine all of the things that are related to obstruction? What is the energy that is in the way of the manifestation? Have you taken the time to sit still and imagine how you want this event/ relationship to flow? Have you sat still long enough to tap into your energy ( Inner- G/inner God ) to see what it has to tell you about the situation?

Check out my 1010 Live Pop Up with A. Baker about the beauty of sitting still

Oil of the week: Eluvation

(Excerpt from Info sheet)

When we come into this world, most of us have all the tools that we need to accomplish our goals. Through living and developing in the energy of post- traumatic stress; cycles of family trauma; inherent societal oppression; imbalanced relationships; and lack of culture being the foundation for our personal and/or national government, we forget our personal power and spend our energy carrying around ideals that are crippling to our spirit. In order to get to the purity of our soul and the potential of our growth, we must release everything that does not serve us. In order to eluvate, we have to drop the dead weight so that we can rise. ~Kemi Abifarin

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