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The Spring Reset

Whispers of Wisdom Blog :

Spring Season Series

"Spring Cleaning"

Last week we had a beautiful " spring cleaning" virtual workshop. We explored pertinent proverbs and what we wanted to start blooming this Spring. We also opened our roads, wrote love letters to ourselves, and did a self analysis on our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. We honored our ancestors and sealed all of our wants and needs with a special affirmation of blessings. Missed out? Don't worry. We will do a quarterly restoration for each season. In the meantime, look out for upcoming snippets of our workshops and explore some of the spring cleaning energy below.


Your Spiritual Village Circle

Last blog we talked about nurturing our ideas, our wants, our talents, etc. This time, we are going to explore how to keep our spaces ideal for the continuous growth of all that we have been nurturing. We will sum up our Spring cleaning workshop with three reminders from the Sacred Path cards by Jamie Sams.

1. Power place: According to native tradition, our bodies have the ability to create the desired outcome that we need. In order to do so, we must find our power place so that the "Earth Mother can feed [us] the extra voltage" we need to charge ourselves. In order to find our power place, we must ask ourselves if we feel most energized at the river, at the mountains, in the forest etc.? Wherever your power place is, how often are you allowing your spirit to connect with the universe in those places?

2. Drum: Discovering our internal timing is essential to making sure that we are in alignment with our universal purpose. If we push too hard, we may miss the beat of an opportunity that has been sent down our path. In this constant race of everyday life, we have to make sure that our mind "is not outdistancing our bodies". It is very necessary to ask ourselves, what practices do we have in place to make sure that we allows ourselves time to slow down and get reconnected to the natural rhythm of our spirit.

3. Hour of Power: We each have an hour of power in which we feel the strongest, the most creative, and the most productive? The key question is where are we during that hour of power? Are we giving our best energy, at our best time of the day to someone or something that is not adding to our personal legacies? If that is the case, how can we change our schedule or our lifestyle??


Takeaway Lessons

  • We are the catalyzers in our lives. We are responsible for our own empowerment.

  • Taking the time to discover our natural rhythms allows us to connect to the universal flow of life. This alignment puts us into perfect harmony with our life journey.

  • Our hour of power requires us to know our energy timeline and to work along our timeline to feed our talents and develop to our highest potential.

In conclusion, in order to watch all of the things in our lives bloom to the highest heights, we must keep our mind, body, spirit, and spaces in tuned, in sync, and in rhythm so that we can receive all of our blessings at the appropriate times.

We would love to hear what new things are beginning to bloom in your life. Join us on our pages on Facebook and Instagram. Share your journey with us by copying and pasting the following hashtag: #wordsofwisdom@yemojasgifts


Oil of the week: Inspirition

(Excerpt from Info sheet)

According to Deepak Chopra, motivation involves the mind while inspiration involves the spirit. In order to experience those spaces of inspiration we often need to: throw out our box of old ideas; create a space for our intended vision; gather and analyze our collected information/stories; discard what we don’t need; break useless agreements; sit in stillness; and go through the mental cycle of death and resurrection. After those moments, we then begin to enter a space of inspiration. Attention and intention is what allows us to fully tap into our creative energy.

Click on the link to get your body of Inspirition today.

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