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Manifesting Completion: Part 3 Making Ourselves Whole Again

Final Post for the Fall Season Series

Resilience and Numbers

It has been a rough few months hasn't it? In our families and in our communities, we have experienced loss, despair, rising numbers in a pandemic, and so much more. Now is the time, more than ever, that we need to nurture our spirits, listen to our hearts, and become in tune with universal messages. To get through, we must be less in the flow of the world and more in the flow of our own sacred spaces. Our survival , past now, depends on our ability to cope with all that is going on around us. When chaos is the natural order of the day, we must use our cultural and spiritual tools to find our way.

Before the 2020 life episodes started to get real down and dirty, we were exploring the ideas of garden P.O.R.N.--the sensual lessons that we can learn from being in nature and working in a garden. The last two posts were about perseverance (commitment and dedication) and observation (the true connection in being present). In an effort to leave nothing unfinished, we will close this Fall segment with R-resilience and N- numbers.


Resilience is defined as the capacity to recover from difficulties. In our garden, when the seasons changed, some of our beautiful crops began to wither away and we were forced to either move them (from the ground and into a pot) or just compost the area all together. Our beautiful garden that existed in open air ,with the sun shining brightly down on it, was now encased in small green houses that were tightly wrapped shut and required a calculated effort to access. What does all of this mean? During this 2020 saga, we have all experienced setback, loss, or devastation in some way. In order to move forward, we must understand that our blessings have not gone away. They are just in a space where they are getting ready to manifest in a different way. Every opportunity is a chance for the spirit to deepen. We must gain the spiritual strength to become a third party to our own experiences so that we are able to see what the moment came to teach us and how we need to proceed.

Did we lose a job or some kind of income? Was that the universe saying that it was time for us to start a business or spend more time with family? Did we experience death of a loved one? What lessons did we learn from the life and legacy of that loved one? How can we celebrate their life and their memories? How can we connect with the loved one on a spiritual realm? Whatever it is that we felt like we loss-- what did we gain from that moment or the moments preceding? What lessons can we carry into our future?

The Native Americans say that magic is a just change in consciousness (Jamie Sams). Yes, we must take our time to grieve--in all the ways that make our hearts less heavy. After we have allotted ourselves the space to release, we must then recognize that we are still here and that we have a purpose that we need to fulfill. Whether that purpose is to carry the duties of a previous job into another realm of existence or to carry the legacy (or learn from the life lessons of loved one) into your own journey --only your spirit can decide. As Baba Kola ( Ifa University) says~ we must not become reactive to our emotions, we must become proactive in our responses.

Numbers :

When all is fails, gratitude can be that bridge between can and can't, between confusion and enlightenment. From the garden, I learned the lesson of the one seed mindset. All it took was the cultivation of one seed to produce a number of crops that can be harvested and preserved for future planting.

It is the seeds of gratitude that allow us to see and recognize that when life has handed us a lesson or blessing. It is the seeds of gratitude that opens us up to receive the blessings that we deserve. When the universe sees that we are grateful for what we have, instead of us searching for it, the energy of abundance seeks to find us.

When times are the hardest, start with one thing for which you are grateful. After time, that one thing will become a multitude of things. It is during those moments that your perception of your situation will begin to gradually change or become a little less heavier.

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Oil of the week: Eluvation

(Excerpt from Info sheet)

When we come into this world, most of us have all the tools that we need to accomplish our goals. Through living and developing in the energy of post- traumatic stress; cycles of family trauma; inherent societal oppression; imbalanced relationships; and lack of culture being the foundation for our personal and/or national government, we forget our personal power and spend our energy carrying around ideals that are crippling to our spirit. In order to get to the purity of our soul and the potential of our growth, we must release everything that does not serve us. In order to eluvate, we have to drop the dead weight so that we can rise. ~Kemi Abifarin

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